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Bug bounty failure stories to learn from: how we ended up to hack a bank with no reward

With the difficult period of the covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, some collaborators of Red Timmy have lost their job, fired from the employers where they worked. Because bills don't pay themselves, some of us have thought to keep the wolf from the door by investing resources in bug bounty programs, waiting for better times. This post today has a characteristic ...
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Snooping on proprietary protocols with Frida

Background During one of our recent assessments, we encountered a hardware appliance using a proprietary protocol to provide its services to desktop clients. As we did not have access to the appliance, apart from what was exposed on its open ports, we decided to inspect the Windows client and study its protocol. After a brief traffic inspection with Wireshark, we ...
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Fortinet SIEM vulnerability allows us to get RCE on internet exposed hosts

If you want to see a full demo of this exploit, click here. Introduction Soon after the Blackhat USA training we gave last summer during the first week of August, our attention was caught by the release of a Fortinet’s security bulletin originally issued on June 21st 2020. It stated that all the versions of their platform FortiSIEM equal to ...
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[UPDATE] Practical Web Application Hacking course on BlackHat USA 2020

Just like in 2019, Red Timmy Security was present at the biggest information security conference in the world: BlackHat USA 2020. This year we presented our latest course “Practical web application hacking – Advanced”.

If you missed the opportunity, we will soon publish a new online course about advanced web application hacking techniques, so stay tuned!

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Practical Web Application Hacking – Basic

Learn the fundamentals of web application hacking

Hacking Java Web and Client Apps

Our deep dive course on Java security and deserialization attacks

Practical Web Application Hacking – Advanced

Become an expert on web application hacking

Learning Crypto by defeating Crypto

Learn how to create and develop your own TLS crypto exploits

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