Practical Web Application Hacking course on BlackHat USA 2021

For the third year in a row, Red Timmy Security will be present at the biggest information security conference in the world: BlackHat USA 2021. We will bring our updated and latest course “Practical web application hacking – Advanced“.

See the complete list of topics and link for registration:

Our latest articles

Challenges in the always moving cloud

One thing that is radically different between testing on-premise and cloud environments, is that the attack surface is much more dynamic. Because of the scaling features of clouds, assets may be spun up and removed dynamically, as well as services. This makes it harder for defenders to define the attack surface, and also requires pen testers to do mapping differently ...
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The thin line between the cloud provider and the customer applications

As penetration testers we are often very aware of the boundaries of the exercise. Scoping is the part of the preperation where we decide what can be tested and what not. This used to be a matter of finding agreement between service owners and testers, and having them all on the same page meant the exercise could start. But nowadays ...
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When a Denial of Service matters: fighting with risk assessment guys

During a recent Red Team operation we have been asked to attempt the takeover of a domain controller server in a Windows network. After wandering around the LAN for a while, we got stuck inside a machine where we could see a domain admin who had an open session there (Bloodhound’s power), but our low privileges did not allow to ...
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Our training classes

Practical Web Application Hacking – Basic

Learn the fundamentals of web application hacking

Hacking Java Web and Client Apps

Our deep dive course on Java security and deserialization attacks

Practical Web Application Hacking – Advanced

Become an expert on web application hacking

Learning Crypto by defeating Crypto

Learn how to create and develop your own TLS crypto exploits

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