Who we are

Red Timmy Security provides high quality trainings in Information Security, accessible to everyone interested in expanding their skills in this field. Our course instructors are experienced penetration testers, who spend a large amount of time on security research.

BlackHat USA 2019

In our courses we prioritize a personal approach. In a classroom where different skill levels are present, it is our duty to make sure the material is understood by everyone, yet challenging for the more advanced students. We do this by dividing each module into 3 parts:

  • Theory, from high level fundamentals to detailed specifics
  • Case study, to see how theory is applied in practice
  • Labs, to practice the material

As a result of our research, we release articles, whitepapers and develop tools which will be released to our students for free.

By keeping ourselves up to date with the latest developments in the information security community, we guarantee our courses are high quality and stay relevant. We continue to design new courses if we see demand for new skills emerge within the market.