Why Checking The IMEI Should Be Your First Step When Buying Used iPhones?

IPhone has dominated the mobile phone market. When Apple’s iPhone was launched 12 years ago, it became a rage. Since then, this brand has become unrivaled and has grown in features and strength. However, the prices of iPhones are high, and it is impossible for everyone to afford one.

But there is an easy solution: buy a used iPhone. However, there are concerns about whether the phone is original, stolen, etc. After all, nobody wants to put their money on a fake product, right? But you can put all your worries away with the IMEI number.

You can check whether your iPhone is illegal or fake with the IMEI number. If you want to confirm the originality of your iPhone, check out imei24.com and get a full phone report for your used iPhone.

To help you, below is a detailed guide on IMEI numbers and things to check before you buy a used iPhone.

Understanding IMEI Number

Understanding IMEI Number

An IMEI, International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique identifier for every device. It is a unique 15-digit account. Just as a phone can be unlocked with a unique fingerprint, this information is your “private key” to access the vital information of your iPhone. Device manufacturers and phone service providers can trace smartphones using IMEI numbers.

This number greatly helps device authentication, regulatory compliance, and security. It is important to know the IMEI number, as, with the help of this number, you can check if the phone is stolen, authentic, and free of any legal issues. But be aware that IMEI is different from serial numbers; many people get confused here.

The serial number is an important number formed by the manufacturer and used in production. IMEI numbers are designed to offer a unique identifier on a specific device.

If your phone is stolen, make sure you have the IMEI number on hand so that it can be located and can be blocked. First of all, if you want to verify the authenticity of the iPhone you have already, then the IMEI number is something you must be aware of. Once you see the number, you can use a reliable website to check whether it is an original Apple product, determine the production date, how much warranty is left, etc.

Below are a few ways to check the IMEI number on your device: Below are a few ways you can check the IMEI number on your device:

  1. Using the Dial Pad: Another simple way is to use the code unique to the special dialing code. Dial the code *#06#, and you will see the IMEI number on your screen.
  2. In the phone menu: It is very easy to get an iPhone’s IMEI number through its settings. You could also go to the settings page, select the “General” option and choose About. Now, you will have all the information about the phone manufacturers. The phone data, such as IMEI number, will be available.
  3. On the original box: The original packaging of the iPhone also shows the IMEI number.

Why Is IMEI Important?

Why Is IMEI Important?

The primary reason why Imei is important is because it helps you to track down stolen and lost phones. It becomes crucial when buying a used iPhone, as you cannot guarantee its authenticity. Also, if you know the IMEI number, you can report theft or loss to your mobile operator. They will then block the phone. The benefits of the IMEI number are:

  • Verify legitimacy: A valid IMEI number ensures that the used iPhone has not been stolen or used for illegal activities.
  • Check for issues: You can also check for problems with the IMEI number. You can check if certain carriers have blocked the phone.
  • Save money: When your used iPhone is in perfect condition and has no issues, you can save a lot of money.
  • Technical Specifications: With the help of the IMEI number, you can get all the technical specifications, such as the model number and storage capacity, that enable you to confirm whether the phone matches the seller’s description.
  • Resale Value: A phone with a clear IMEI record enhances the value. People want to buy a legitimate iPhone and not a fake one. In the future, you can easily resell your phone and get good money from it.

5 Things to Check Before You Buy a Used iPhone

Before you buy a used iPhone, you must also check other parameters. Remember to check out the following things:

1. IMEI And Serial Number

IMEI And Serial Number

The first thing that you must check is the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. It is a unique number that can identify the GSM, iDEN, and WCDMA mobile phones. The serial number is a code that consists of letters and numbers, and it is given to products to identify the time and place of manufacture and the legality.

2. Find My iPhone

Another vital piece of information that you must check is Find My iPhone. You must ensure the device is unlocked and free of Apple security protections.

3. Blacklist Status

If the phone is lost or reported stolen, or the bills haven’t been cleared, it gets added to the block list. The operator blocks all network access to the phone.

4. Warranty

iPhone Warranty

A warranty is a guarantee of quality as promised to a customer. It is worth checking if the warranty covers the iPhone you want to buy.

5. Check The Condition

Always look carefully at the phone, and pay attention to the condition, water damage, touch screen, speakers, etc. Also, check if the accessories are available, such as USB cables, adaptors for charging, etc.


Summing up, when you are buying a used iPhone, due diligence is the number one thing that you must do. IMEI number is the first thing you should investigate to remove any doubts about the authenticity of the phone and ensure that it is currently active.

Whether you are a tech expert or just a newbie, checking the IMEI number is easy. You can directly contact the provider or simply go to a reliable website and get details quickly. So, before sealing the deal on that used iPhone, remember to check the IMEI number first.